Our responsibilities

Our air traffic services comprise various tasks including air traffic control and the provision of flight information and alerts.

Air traffic control

Air traffic control is the management of air traffic by issuing clearances and directions to pilots. Air traffic control is divided into three subdisciplines: general air traffic control (area control), approach control and local traffic control (aerodrome control).

Luchtverkeersleiding vanuit de Schiphol-toren

Luchtverkeersleiding vanuit de Schiphol-toren

Flight information

The provision of flight information involves giving information during a flight to ensure safe and efficient flight operations. This includes information on weather conditions along the route, changes in the suitability of navigational tools and changes in conditions at aerodromes and facilities.

Luchtverkeersleiding vanuit de Schiphol-toren


Alerts are aimed at warning the relevant authorities about aircraft requiring assistance in the form of search and rescue and assisting these authorities to the extent required.


LVNL is responsible for managing the civilian airspace and everything associated with it. We have been doing this since 1923, since 1993 as a ZBO (Dutch quango).

The Dutch Aviation Act lays down the statutory duties of LVNL. These include:

  • Providing air traffic control services within the Amsterdam flight information region.
  • Providing communication, navigation and positioning services.
  • Providing aeronautical information services and issuing aviation publications and charts.
  • Providing or commissioning air traffic management training and air navigation services.
  • Advising the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Minister of Defence on matters relating to air traffic management and the provision of air navigation services.
  • Performing other duties under or pursuant to the Dutch Aviation Act.

Environmental task

LVNL must comply with the Dutch Airport Traffic Decree, a general administrative order based on the Dutch Aviation Act, which lays down rules for route and runway usage. This decree also stipulates the responsibility to comply with the limit values for noise, external safety and local air pollution. LVNL, the airlines and the operator of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport have a joint duty of care to handle air traffic within these limit values.

Runway and route usage