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Residents Contact Point Schiphol (BAS)

Schiphol Residents Contact Point (BAS) is the information desk for the area and the reporting point for nuisance reports about air traffic around Schiphol. Do you have a question or would you like to report nuisance? Please contact BAS. This can be done by telephone from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM via +31 20 601 55 55. BAS is closed on public holidays. Go to the BAS website. For information about nuisance reports or questions at other Dutch airports, visit this website.


Working, graduating or doing an internship at LVNL?

You want to work at LVNL. Nice! Check the open vacancies to see which role suits you. The possibilities are more diverse than you think! An immediate answer? Call +31 20 406 3639

General contact

Send us a mail or call us

Do you have a request for information, a compliment, or a general question for LVNL? Please contact us during office hours: +31 20 406 2000 or [email protected]

Open Government Act (Woo)

Open Government Act (Woo)

Public information related to LVNL's activities can be found on our website. If you cannot find this information and do not want to receive it, you can submit an information request to LVNL by email. The right to obtain information from government agencies such as LVNL is laid down in the Open Government Act (Woo).


Contact our spokespersons

For all press and media questions, please contact media relations. Phone: +31 0800 5865 266 or [email protected]