LVNL has been an important link within the Dutch airspace for almost a hundred years. We ensure safe, efficient and environmentally conscious handling of air traffic at the airports and in the airspace 24/7.


The skies above the Netherlands are among the busiest and most complex in the world. Despite its small home market, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is an important player in Europe and

globally in terms of number of flights and passengers as well as cargo volume. Each and every day the huge flow of incoming and outgoing aircraft is safely and effectively routed to and from Schiphol and the regional airports in the Netherlands. This means that we must always be ready and able to deliver at the highest level. This also presents challenges for our organisation, for example in terms of finding and training the most talented people and optimising our systems.


Our role is a special one. Not only are we a part of a complex aviation chain in an ever-changing sector with a wide range of different interests, but we also occupy a unique position at the interface of society, airlines and partners. We use our expertise to connect these worlds and together make it possible for the aviation industry to develop in a sustainable way. It is the ambition of LVNL to be the best air traffic control organisation in the world when it comes to safety, people and the reliable delivery of services. Read more about our role and core values.



We have been working non-stop for nearly a century to keep the airspace safe. This is an important and responsible task. Together with a team of specialists ranging from ICT professionals, developers and system specialists to mechanics, engineers and air traffic controllers we are the force behind the ever-changing world of aviation. We are Team LVNL. We work together, are open and result-oriented and take responsibility. Everyone in the team is essential to achieving our joint mission: Working together to enable aviation! Come and join Team LVNL.