Survey projects


We call the following survey flights survey projects:

  • survey flights in a CTR flying over a target for more than ten minutes;
  • survey flights in other airspace.

For information on survey flights in a CTR shorter than ten minutes, go to the page Short survey flights.

Request survey project in Amsterdam FIR

For requesting and executing a survey project, you may use the procedure in the document 'Request survey flights'.

Application forms

Collecting documents is the first step in the process. One of the documents is an application form based on the airspace class. You always use the application form of the highest classified airspace class within which the survey project (including turns) takes place.

Statement survey projects in airspace class A

If your survey project takes place in airspace class A, you must provide a signed statement from the original client. In this you declare that you have actually obtained the assignment for the project. You also indicate the social importance of the project.

Only use this form: Statement survey projects in airspace class A.

The statement may not be used at the tender stage.


As a flight operator of survey projects within the Amsterdam FIR, you are at all times responsible for:

  • Keeping the flight plan up to date.
  • Informing the Operational Helpdesk by telephone about the postponement, cancellation or change of the flight.
  • Closely following instructions from the Operational Helpdesk.
  • Obtain valid NOTAM information.
  • Obtaining clearance from the relevant air traffic control agency during your flight, before entering controlled airspace. The fact that the Operational Helpdesk coordinates and gives you permission for your project does mean that the air traffic control service is aware of your intention, but it does not mean that the air traffic control service has given you clearance. You must receive the clearance from the air traffic controller during the flight via the relevant RTF channel.
  • Coordinating the flight in advance with the foreign air traffic control service if part of the survey flight takes place outside the Amsterdam FIR or in a part of the Amsterdam FIR where ATS has been delegated to a foreign air traffic control service. Take into account the obligations imposed by local laws and regulations. If air traffic reasons so require, the relevant air traffic control service can postpone, cancel or abort the flight.


Operational Helpdesk

Intermediary between airmen and air traffic control

Available daily between 07:00 and 17:00 (local time) for requests for special flights, activities, and events.

Operational Helpdesk