In the vicinity of aerodromes

In the vicinity of aerodromes, additional rules apply. Each type of aerodrome has specific procedures for toy balloons and Chinese lanterns. There are two types

  1. Controlled aerdrome (red)
    If you plan to launch 1000 toy balloons or Chinese lanterns (or more) within a distance of 8 km of the border of a controlled aerodrome, you must request permission from the local air traffic service.
  2. Uncontrolled aerodrome or glider site (blue)
    If you plan to launch 1000 toy balloons or Chinese lanterns (or more) within a distance of 3 km of the border of an uncontrolled aerodrome or glider site, you must report this to the airport manager.

If you point your mouse to a red or blue area on the map, the name of the aerodrome will appear. Click on the aerodrome for a more detailed map and for contact information of the local air traffic service or airport manager concerned.

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General rules Toy balloons

A toy balloon may consist of:

  • rubber or synthetic container, filled with a gas lighter than air; or
  • paper, filled with hot air, heated by a flame (a so-called Chinese lantern).

Since 2019 many local authorities do not permit the launching of toy balloons anymore, due to the negative environmental impact. Always check the local regulations first.

Generally speaking, the following rules apply to the launching of toy balloons:

  • Persons or matter may not be put at any risk (Wet luchtvaart artikel 5.3).
  • The maximum height or width of the balloon is 75 cm. Is the balloon larger? Then do not launch it.
  • Do not attach metal parts in or to the balloon. Does the balloon contain metal wire? Do not launch it. 
  • Do not tie balloons together.

Instructions Chinese lanterns

For Chinese lanterns read the instruction manual, as given by the manufacturer, and follow it carefully. So not within a radius of 15km around a (glider)airfield!

The Netherlands Fire Service also determined additional guidelines (in Dutch). One of the guidelines is that a Chinese lantern should not be used within a 15 km radius of a (glider)airfield.


Operational Helpdesk

Intermediary between airmen and air traffic control

Available daily between 07:00 and 17:00 (local time) for requests for special flights, activities, and events.

Operational Helpdesk