Safety Reporting Investigation and Improvement

Everything that is reported is handled by LVNL and, if necessary, investigated. This is to ensure we learn the maximum possible from anything that deviated from the nominally expected actions.

Our primary task is aircraft separation. When irregularities occur, we report thos internally or we receive and external report. The objective is to understand and to learn, and reduce the opportunities for the situation to happen again. All reported safety events are handled / investigated within LVNL, to constantly improve safety.


The incident investigation at LVNL concerns a wide range of incidents, with varying severity. Examples of incidents include: a laser beam on the Maastricht tower, an airspace violation of the Schiphol approach area, a runway incursion at Rotterdam, a precautionary landing at Groningen, a push-back without clearance, two aircraft flying too close to each other or an unannounced fuel dumping. Based on the incident investigation, further safety improvements are targeted.

Een van onze safety-experts legt het onderzoek uit

Een van onze safety-experts legt het onderzoek uit

Voorvallen die in de praktijk optreden, worden gemeld met het doel er lering uit te trekken en het risico van dergelijke voorvallen in de toekomst te verkleinen.