VFR flights in the Schiphol CTR

Until further notice, only VFR flights with operational necessity, such as survey flights and pipe line inspection flights, are allowed in the Schiphol CTR. Other crossing VFR flights are not permitted in the Schiphol CTR.

VFR flights with operational necessity must file a request via the Operational Helpdesk.

This does not apply to local VFR traffic (ADEP/ADES EHAM) via route VICTOR or ROTOR and in the Amsterdam sector. The routes and/or circuit must be followed as published. Be aware that at any time the air traffic controller may give instructions with regard to route, altitude or speed.

This procedure is in force since March 27, 2022, published via NOTAM. 


Operational Helpdesk

Intermediary between airmen and air traffic control

Available daily between 07:00 and 17:00 (local time) for requests for special flights, activities, and events.

Operational Helpdesk