Lelystad CTR

On this page, you will find information about the restrictions and classification of the Lelystad CTR.

Lelystad CTR is airspace class D, which means the following:

  • Request clearance from Lelystad TWR before you fly into the Lelystad CTR.
    Make sure you are separated from other VFR traffic yourself. Lelystad TWR provides traffic information and only provides separation between VFR flights for special VFR flights.
  • The boundary of the Lelystad CTR does not always follow obvious ground features, such as roads or waters. Therefore, see if you can find ground characteristics in your flight preparation that ensure that you remain clear of the CTR. Or look for characteristics that indicate that you are approaching the CTR (again) so that you can request a clearance in time.

On the VFR chart viewer, you can view the current map of the CTR with obstacles, buildings, roads, etc.