LVNL continues to ensure reliable and safe handling of air traffic

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In this difficult period, in which our country is facing the enormous consequences as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19), LVNL is continuing to ensure that air traffic is handled reliably and safely.
LVNL is committed to handle the air traffic in the Dutch Airspace, at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the regional airports in a safe and controlled way. This is our responsibility and one we take very much to heart. In this, LVNL is working closely with our partners and customers. By doing so, LVNL is helping to ensure safe air traffic flows for passengers, cargo, repatriation, emergency services and for aircraft that need to divert to an airport in the Netherlands.
In order to be able to continue to operate at optimum levels, LVNL has taken measures to protect the health of our staff. In this way, LVNL is ensuring that sufficient numbers of air traffic controllers are available to guarantee continued operations.
It is without saying that we are closely monitoring the developments with regard to the corona virus. For this reason we follow the advice of the  authorities (the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, RIVM) closely and implement their recommendations.  The safety of our staff and operations always takes priority.