Enabling aviation together


Aviation connects the Netherlands with the world. Aviation is essential to the accessibility of the Netherlands with its dense population, and of its neighbouring countries.
For over 90 years, LVNL has been ensuring safe air traffic flows, in a professional and competent manner.
We are proud to be the ones performing this responsible task.

Important cornerstone

Vigorous interaction in the chain of airport, government, airlines and air traffic control has made Schiphol one of the largest airports in the world, offering the highest quality service.
Aviation is an important economic cornerstone of the Dutch economy. We have a strong sense of our co-responsibility for enabling aviation to continue developing safely.


Aviation is bringing these developments to fruition requires that we cooperate closely with all parties in the chain. This means that we will have to have a broader view of things.
We must understand the issues driving our partners: what are their goals and what do they consider to be opportunities? And when problems arise: how can we solve these problems together? Within the chain we are dependent on one another; we must be able to rely on one another while taking account of our environment. This is the way we will create support for the solutions that are required to advance Dutch aviation.

Contribute and bring together

Safety is our highest priority and our expertise is our greatest asset. In addition to this we want to be a party you can rely on, a party that contributes and brings others together, and one that delivers whatever is needed to make the ambitions we have for aviation possible. By embracing change and being open to one another, within our organisation and towards our stakeholders. By being clear and predictable. By taking responsibility for our actions. By being focused in everything we do – at all levels within the organisation, every day.